I'll be sincere: I'm not really sure what prompted me to buy a netbook computer. I do subsequent to no traveling. I have a menial, non-business-associated job. I have a quick pc at house, with an similarly quick cable web connection. Maybe I just want to look like a hip yuppie typing away at the stylish wi-fi espresso houses. Or perhaps it was an i… Read More

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When I bought my very first Recreational Vehicle (trailer) I had visions of liberty, traveling, and being able to remain in the middle of the woods or parked beside a lake for days or perhaps weeks at a time. The entire purpose of a Recreational Vehicle was to get away from other individuals and enjoy some solitude. I still remember my first trip. … Read More

Words-or-Less competitions (WOL's) can be found in lots of forms, but primarily are the classic 'tell us in 25 words or less (insert simple, merely strange or innovative rest of the question here)'. People are either proficient at them or they're not, although to be fair this is a skill that can be supported gradually.Many Americans have the dream … Read More